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Concern: Multiple community members have complained about the lack of pedestrian sidewalk on Trantor Place between Forest ave and Dixon ave

The city requires that all property owners install sidewalks for safe pedestrian passage and if not complied with , city may step in and install sidewalk and bill owner. For some reason this block of Trantor place only has one home with a sidewalk.

Activity History

1/14/2021 - Local resident first contacted us about the problem. Apparently they have been complaining to elected officials about this problem since 2017 and nothing has been done about it !

2/8/2021- We surveyed the area documenting all observed conditions and spoke with neighbors on the block to determine what was going on.

2/9/2021- We sent out letters to homeowners asking why the sidewalks were not installed

2/15/2021- We received a response from some neighbors alleging that the property fronting Trantor is city owned.

2/18/2021- We confirmed that much of property fronting Trantor Pl is owned by NYC Department of Transportation, it appears that NYC agencies are not required to follow the same rules as the citizens of this city. 

2/22/2021- drafted a petition in support to be circulated on our next meeting 2/24/2021

2/24/2021- Executed in person petition as well as an online petition with nearly 300 signatures obtained!

3/9/2021- Mario spoke at the Community Board #1 (SI) meeting and went on record to explain our disappointment with our North Shore Elected officials Non Action on this issue.

3/10/2021- Sent SEVERAL emails to DOT and finally received a response stating that they have begun an investigation into the "feasibility of construction at this location"

3/15/2021- We spoke with the Concrete and sidewalk Deputy Commissioner for DOT and sent an email with copies of our executed petition and a further re-iteration of the need for urgency.

3/28/2021- Received word that the DOT media department was stating that they were not certain that they owned the land in question. We provided proof from NYC's own department of finance website proving that DOT is in fact the owner of the property!. The run-around continues....


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