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Carlo Denino

U.S. Navy
Carlo Denino was born in Port Richmond on December 1, 1923 to John and Mary. Carlo had four siblings: Vee, Rose, Anthony, and Katherine.

Carlo entered the Navy on June 28, 1943 at the age of 19. Because he had worked as a welder at Bethlehem Steel in Staten Island before enlisting, he signed on with the Navy as ship fitter. After finishing his training he was then placed on the USS Elmore. The USS Elmore saw plenty of action in the Pacific and came close to peril eight different times. Carlo was there through it all. He received quite a few medals but never spoke about them, or the war.

Denino’s dates back to 1937, when Sicilian immigrants John and Mary opened the Tavern at 524 Port Richmond Avenue, next door to a confectionery business John Denino had started 14 years earlier. When patriarch John Denino died in 1951, the reins of the business were handed to Carlo, who ran it until his death in 2000. It was Carlo who most notably altered the Tavern’s destiny. He took the initiative and
began serving pizza at the Tavern. The pizza was a hit.

Carlo enjoyed talking to the customers and joking around. He loved going to the race track; playing pinochle with friends. Later on in life he decided he wanted to play golf, and with no lessons at all, he accompanied his friends and started playing.

He joined a men’s golf club that played seven days a week. So whenever he wanted to go out and play there was always someone to play with.

He cherished and loved his family and friends. We honor and remember Carlo by keeping Denino’s Pizzeria open and providing a place for families and friends to gather. We love and miss you everyday.

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