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Louis M Bunch

U.S. Navy

Louis Mathias Bunch, a lifetime resident of Port Richmond, was the son of the late Whit Bunch and Georgie Crocker.

Louis was the only man of color in the Submarine Academy. It was expected he would “wash out” and seek another detail such as porter or cook. This inspired Louis to persevere, despite the complications of segregation and bigotry.

Louis became a model Sailor, often leading his battalion with the company banner. Louis spent his career serving on seven different Subs, both diesel and nuclear. For much of his career he was assigned to ICBM Polaris style submarines. The ships he served on included USS Penobscot, USS Pursuit, USS Sea Leopard, USS Lafayette, USS Sam Houston, USS George Washington Carver, USS Thomas Jefferson, and the USS Hardhead. He finished his 21 year Navy career with the rank of 1st class Petty Officer specializing in electronics engineering.

After retiring from the Navy, he opened and co-owned the Big Key Shop in the Majors Dept Store in Mariners Harbor. He also took pride in his work at the Staten Island Zoo building the rain forest exhibit.

He was married for 62 years to Rosetta G. Williams. They had three sons, Louis E. Bunch (Cindi), Brian W. Bunch (Nellie), Darryl M. Bunch (Nadia) and a daughter, Jorgina Bunch-Russo. Their oldest daughter, Alvine Bunch-Reed, passed in 1996. Louis has 14 grandchildren and numerous great and great-great-grandchildren. His sister is Eulalia Glenn.

When he really embraced retirement, Louis and his bride were inseparable. He enjoyed traveling and doing woodworking. Louis loved to read and write. He was quietly called home on March 3, 2019.

Sponsored by Rosetta Bunch

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