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Michael Colonnello

Korea | KIA

Unfortunately, I never met my Uncle Mike. From what I have been told he was extremely personable. He had many friends from what I’ve seen in his pictures.

He was the second of the four brothers. After graduation from Port Richmond High School, he spent his time studying to be a plumber. He worked with Perosi plumbing and helped in the building of my grandparents’ new home in Great Kills. There are pictures showing him digging out part of the foundation of the home.

Upon being drafted into the Army, he was sent to the Korean War where he earned the rank of Sargent. He was just 23 years old when he was killed on October 20, 1951. He was awarded a Purple Heart.

Although I never knew him, I could see in his pictures what a kind and lovely man he was.

Sponsored by Margaret Barranco

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