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Thomas D. Fairlie

U.S. Army
1960 - 1967

Thomas Davis Fairlie was born and raised in Port Richmond, Staten Island. Youngest child of 11, as a boy,
Thomas liked to play and swim at Faber pool as well as in the river. He lost both his parents while he
was young and was raised by his siblings. He enlisted in the Army and served for 7 years in the 538th Engineer Battalion (Construction), with the rank of SP5 E5. While in Korea he met the woman who would become his wife and mother of their one child.

After his service to our country, he worked in security at Seaview Hospital. He moved his family to New Jersey, never too far from Staten Island. Thomas shared his hobby of selling at flea markets with his son, with items he found at yard sales, often he’d find something broken or missing parts and would restore it to working order then resell it. Unfortunately, Thomas passed early at the age of fifty. Never to achieve his dream of retiring and buying a RV and travel around our country. Thomas will never be forgotten by his family nor will the many life lessons he passed on.

Sponsored by David Fairlie

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